Life Update Oct 2017

For the first time in a while, we have an incredibly upbeat blog post. Lots of good things are happening right now, and I’m in a good mood writing this. In my previous blog, I decided not to stray too far from esports and continue working until I found some success. In several ways, it was kind of a refocusing post…trying to put things back in order. I’m happy to say that many of the goals I set forth for myself then have been achieved, and I’m feeling pretty confident for the future.

Mental Health Update

If you know anything about me, I’m super open about my mental health because I feel like it’s important to share it, not only for myself, but for the sake of others who sit in silence trying to pretend nothing’s wrong. I believe that a more open forum about mental illness allows us to understand one another better and get any weight off our chest. The worst enemy of mental illness is silence and ignorance.

When I last posted, I was having trouble paying bills. I couldn’t find a part-time job. I was in constant worry about what the future would hold. Some of those problems have been solved (luckily), but I still struggle day to day with plenty of stress relating to money. I got an awesome job at a bbq restaurant through a friend working in the kitchen, and I’m barely able to make it through each month by the skin of my teeth—plus, I get all the free bbq I want. Still, it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what I need to start paying down my debts. I still worry. My bank account actually hit 0 last week.

I have never experienced financial security in my entire life. The only time I had money with no debt was just before I decided to go back to college. I worked hard as a bus driver at the university and paid off everything, had $2000 in the bank, and could have done basically anything I wanted. I chose to go back to college because I believed the investment was worth it. Now, I see it was a mistake, and I get bothered by the idea every time I think about it. But it doesn’t help to regret. Just gotta move forward with life.

Other than physical exhaustion I get from working my day job + life as an editor/caster and a little bit of worrying, I’m doing well though. I’m content with what I’m doing, I’m somewhat financially stable, and things are unlikely to get worse at this point in time. So it’s good.

Plans and Goals Update

In my previous blog, I set out to do a couple of things: grow my YouTube and Twitch channels, work fervently on new articles, find more outlets for my editing skills, and write up a business plan for a future esports publication.

First of all, I am beyond proud to announce that I achieved partnership on YouTube in under 3 months. I still have a bit to go before I get partnered on Twitch, but I have seen immense growth on both channels.

September Goals

YouTube views: 5,734
Goal: 10,000+
YouTube followers: 68
Goal: 150
Avg concurrent Twitch views: 25
Goal: 50
Twitch followers: 549
Goal: 800

October Update

YouTube status: PARTNER
YouTube views: 12,300+ views
YouTube followers: 118
Twitch status: Affiliate
Avg concurrent Twitch views: 16
Twitch followers: 983

As you can see, I met most of my goals. The only exception is that my stream has somewhat fallen off in October due to the stress of working my day job and casting the ASL at 6am every Sun/Tues. Now that I have a base point of partner/affiliate and a decent setup, my goal is to start broadening my user base with more consistent material, better marketing, etc. As much as the revenue stream from YouTube is valuable, it’s hilariously low at only 50-60 views per video. I need something like 400+ views per video in order to earn a decent amount from YouTube.

On Twitch, most of the revenue likely comes from cheers and donations compared to subscriptions. Either way, both problems can be solved by just widening the viewer base and attracting more people to the stream. This will require me to revamp my streaming schedule, restructure my stream, and build a more positive atmosphere in the future. At this point in time, I want to refocus and achieve partnership by the end of December. No specific numbers yet.

This will also be the last month of using Patreon. I’m hugely grateful for everyone who has supported me via Patreon over the last year and also indebted to Patreon for their wonderful platform. However, as I wrote in a previous blog, I will be switching over to a direct donation format. Patreon is a long-term format of support which I don’t think gels well with my audience or the esports community at large; making a donation is unintuitive and time-consuming for most people, especially considering the per month format. In addition, posting things to Patreon and updating it became just another thing to do and was slowly driving me crazy. By removing that aspect of donations, I’ll be freer to focus on the things that matter: the stream, videos, and my writing.

I sincerely hope that everyone who has supported me in the past continues to support me. My goal is to produce the best possible content, and whether or not money is involved, I’ll be working my ass off toward that goal.

BlizzCon 2018

Finally, the most important part of this post: I WILL BE AT BLIZZCON IN FOUR DAYS.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity from Team Liquid, and I cannot properly form the words to express my emotions. This is something I’ve been working my ass for the last two years to achieve, and to finally get a chance to fly out to LA and live the dream of being an on-site esports reporter is awesome. I have so many huge goals for this weekend, and I could not be more excited.

My primary job will be organizing coverage for LiquidHeroes, both on social media and the site itself, but I’ll also be doing some StarCraft work while I’m there. Expect some swaggg interviews, pictures, and articles from this event. It’s going to be amazing, and I can’t wait for it all to begin.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported me and uplifted me when I’ve gotten down. You guys are spectacular. There’s no way I would have survived on my own.