Always learning, always improving, and hoping to succeed.

I am an esports writer, editor, and content creator. I have worked for several major esports organizations including Team Liquid, Splyce, and mYinsanity.

I’ve been in the esports industry for five years with a primary focus on StarCraft and Heroes of the Storm. Writing and editing are more than hobbies to me, they are my career, and I take them seriously. I live by the mantra of quality and consistency above all else, and I constantly pursue perfection in everything I do.

My entire portfolio consists of over 500 esports and gaming related pieces including articles, videos, and strategy blogs. Most of my work has been behind the scenes, but I have plenty of on-camera experience casting several Brood War tournaments, hosting various podcasts, producing my own video series, and streaming.

I’ve also spent a lot of time working on a statistics database which I built from scratch in Google Sheets. This database can be used by Heroes of the Storm analysts to log game drafts and quickly create printable statistics spreadsheets.

Twitter: @EsportsJohn
YouTube: EsportsJohn
LinkedIn: Christopher Meek