Don’t Mess With the Vikings!
Battlefield of Eternity

Eye for an Eye, Base for a Base
Stork vs herO @ Blue Storm

HotS Thoughts #22
Blaze Patch and Malf Rework

God Bleeds
Snow vs Flash @ Circuit Breaker

Super Soulkey
Flash vs Soulkey @ Fighting Spirit

The Greatest Rivalry
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BW Builds for Noobs
ZvT 3-Hatch Opening

Flash Doesn’t Die
Flash vs Stork @ Gold Rush

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Larva vs Rain @ Gold Rush

BW Builds for Noobs
ZvP Overpool

Nexus Nights #7
Qualifiers, Qualifiers, Qualifiers

Reign of TerrOr
Flash vs Terror @ Fighting Spirit

HotS Thoughts #18
HGC 2017 Dangers and Considerations